Letter of Agreement / Contract
for Workshops & Lectures by Sue Andrus

A signed copy of this document must be part of any agreement between Sue Andrus and your group. ALL requested information must be filled out, signed by you, and returned to Sue Andrus no later than 90 days prior to Sue's departure for your venue. (120 days for international venues) Please read this entire contract before requesting that Sue reserve time in her schedule for your group. If your group has it's own contract, this contract will also be needed, in addition to your contract. Please cross out and initial any clauses in your contract that are in conflict with the requirements spelled out in this contract.

This is to confirm our verbal agreement that Sue Andrus will present workshop(s) and/or lecture(s) for:

Conference / guild name:



Email & website:

to be held on date(s):

Fees are as Follows:

**Most workshops have materials fees. See individual workshop descriptions **

SALES: In Sue's workshops and lectures a number of items will be available for sale to interested students. The guild / conference will not expect to collect any commission on these sales. Sue will not promote these items during the class, nor will she spend class time selling them. They are simply available for sale to interested students. These items may include:

General Requirements for Classrooms and Lecture Halls
Specific requirements for each class and lecture can be found at the bottom of each class and lecture summary.


I will be showing actual quilts and pieces that I have created. I will need 2 tables in the front of the room for display of work. If a quilt stand is available for hanging quilts, that can be used for larger pieces. Most of my quilts are fairly small, so this is optional. Public address system for audiences of more than fifty people.


Additional equipment requested if available:

IMPORTANT: Please fill in ALL of the requested information below, including: date, name of venue, street address, city, zip code, phone number and time. I will be driving to a place I have never been before, and will need to print maps and directions from the internet before leaving home. I also need to leave contact information with my family when I'm on the road.

Lecture(s) requested

  1. Title of lecture______________________________________________
    date: __________________ time: __________________

  2. Title of lecture______________________________________________
    date: __________________ time: __________________

Location: please include name of venue, street address (including zip code) & phone number

Workshops requested

1. Title of workshop______________________________________________

date(s): __________________ time: __________________

Location: please include name of venue, street address (including zip code) & phone number

2. Title of workshop______________________________________________

date(s): __________________ time: __________________

Location: please include name of venue, street address (including zip code) & phone number

3. Title of workshop______________________________________________

date(s): __________________ time: __________________

Location: please include name of venue, street address (including zip code) & phone number

Supply lists are available by clicking on the name of the workshop at the bottom of Lectures/Workshops main page.

Visuals to promote workshops and lectures can be sent upon request. Biographical material and pictures for brochures, newsletters, and introductions is available on my website.

Travel arrangements will be made by Sue Andrus or the travel agent of the conference / guild, with Sue's agreement on dates of travel, routes, airline etc.

In order to secure the most economical air transportation, Sue must be provided with all necessary information about exact dates and times of workshops and other events at least 90 days prior to the first scheduled event on the trip which includes your events. Please keep in mind that you may not be the first group on her itinerary, and you may be required to provide this information more than 90 days prior to your events. If your failure to provide this information results in increased travel expenses, your group will be solely responsible for paying the difference in cost.

EXPENSES: All travel expenses will be borne by the guild / conference. These include:


LODGING provided by your group will be at:

Name of hotel/motel or guild member:

Street address::

City and Zip Code:


Reservation #:

AGREEMENT OF PROGRAM CHAIR/CONFERENCE DIRECTOR TO DISTRIBUTE THIS INFORMATION: The program chairperson understands that she may not be the person doing airport pickups, preparing meals, and setting up class and lecture rooms. She may also have passed on the office of program chair to someone else before Sue's visit. Therefore, the program chairperson agrees to pass on the information contained in this Letter of Agreement to all of the group members, hostesses and caterers, etc. in charge of these activities.

The Guild may cancel a workshop due to insufficient enrollment at any time prior to the purchase of non- refundable airline tickets, or any other expenses incurred by Sue Andrus. If a workshop is canceled due to insufficient enrollment, Sue Andrus must be notified before she has incurred any expenses. If a workshop is canceled after the purchase of airline tickets, the guild will be responsible of paying for the tickets. If a workshop is canceled, and coming to your group for fewer workshops or lectures than originally agreed upon in this contract will cause economic hardship for Sue Andrus, she reserves the right to cancel the remainder of the contracted workshops / lectures. If your workshop cancels in the middle of a multi-venue tour, your group will be responsible for covering Sue's daily minimum fee of $300.00. If an engagement is canceled while I am en route or at the engagement location, the sponsor will be responsible for all contracted fees. If I am unable to fulfill this contract due to illness, injury, or serious family emergency all previously incurred expenses are my responsibility.

Sharing Expenses: When expenses are shared by several groups, expenses will be split for groups having similar programs. If groups sharing expenses will have disproportionately more or disproportionately less events than other groups, expenses will be apportioned fairly. Each group will be charged a percentage of total airfare, parking, tolls, and mileage, as well as meals, and lodging on rest and travel days. Individual groups will be responsible for lodging and meals on the days I am working for them. In order to simplify accounting, a $25.00 per diem will be assessed for meals on days when they are not provided by your group.

A signed copy of this letter of understanding or the must be returned to Sue Andrus before a firm commitment can be made.

If your group would like to reserve future dates, but has not yet booked a venue or made decisions on which workshops to schedule, a copy of this agreement may be used to reserve the time in Sue's schedule. A completed copy of this contract must subsequently be forwarded at a later date and at least 60 days before the scheduled workshops/lectures. (90 days for international venues) Contracts that have not arrived by 60 days prior to the scheduled dates are subject to cancellation by Sue. Airline tickets will not be purchased until a contract is completed.

Images from the workshop pages on Sue's website may be used in brochures and other publicity materials to promote her workshops and lectures.

The Guild/Conference will also provide the name of a second person in your organization who can be contacted in the event that the organizer/program chair is not available.

I have read the above letter of agreement, and I understand and agree to it's terms:

Guild / Conference Representative

Name: (printed)




Signature & Date:

Second person in your group who can be contacted:

Name: (printed)




Signature & Date:

Teacher / Lecturer____________________________________ date____________

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