My Fall Collection, and a New Show!

I received good news today in the mail!  I was accepted into the Lower Adirondack Regional Arts Council's Fall Festival in the gymnasium at Adirondack Community College, in Queensbury, NY. After having my fall shows cancel on me, I had been fretting a bit. Just when I need to be out there selling my art for holiday income. I did a show in that area earlier this summer, that was not very profitable, but I don't feel it was the fault of the area, the timing didn't seem to work.

Back to my quilts….. I have spent a lot of time in my studio photographing quilts, jewelry, and more that speak of the bright colors of fall. Even though the traditional fall palette is not my favorite, I have been playing with more of the the fall oranges and rusts, adding in my own touches of pink, purple , and blue.

All of the pieces in this post are available for sale, and make wonderful additions to decorate your home for fall, or any season. Prices are posted with the pieces, and sales tax will need to be added to NY and PA orders. Click on the photo of items to see pricing information.  Shipping charges will also be added, orders for multiple items will be grouped for a reduction in shipping charges. Email me (link on left sidebar) with the items you wish to purchase, along with your email address, so I can send a Paypal invoice. Items with links to my website can be purchased there, using Paypal "Add to Cart" buttons. Also, my website photos show more detail than the ones here. I have also added links to my Etsy Store, where I have similar items posted. As items sell, I will mark them Sold. The link on my sidebar will make it easy to return to this post even after I have added more posts.


The 2 larger pieces in this photo are each 13"x17" in size. The upper right- "Scattered Fall Maples 1",  uses sunprints of Maple leaves in my favorite rainbow shades, as well as some done with orange sneaking in. I really like the upper right corner print in the soft pastel colors. This piece is satin stitch pieced, while the lower left piece- "Scattered Fall Maples 2", was constructed by fusing the fabrics directly to the batting using muted  rosy brown to burgundy with green and gold colors. The seams of this one are accented with many different machine stitches, metallic threads, and couched yarns. Both pieces are  topped with "silk" maple leaves removed from their stems and attached with gold metallic thread along the veins, giving a 3-D effect. Both are bound with couched yarn.
Both of these pieces have corner triangle pockets to hold a dowel or slat for hanging. All 4 corners have the pocket, so they can be hung with the leaves blowing in any direction. A third piece similar to these is at My Etsy Store.
The upper left piece, "Fall Scented Geraniums 1", is a sunprint of Scented Geranium leaves scattered over the rainbow of fall colors. It is 11"x14" in size with a satin stitch binding. This piece is sized to fit a standard size frame. Click on the link for a more detailed photo and description. In the lower right corner are a couple small pieces 5"x12" in size. Sunprints, are accented with commercial fabrics, satin stitch seaming or crazy patch. Each has a ribbon hanger on the top. These are great to add just a touch of nature to a small area of wall space.

This photo shows more pieces featuring sunprints in fall colors. Top left and lower right, combine sunprints with areas of fused crazy patch. Both are satin stitch seamed. The piece with the ferns is quilted in clear thread, accenting the sunprints, Free motion vines are quilted into the border and inner ivory sections. the rainbow panel is quilted in an ivy-vine design. The lower piece also has vines quilted in the border, and used a variegated thread for the ivy-vine quilting in the crazy patch area as well as accenting the Scented Geranium prints. These are each 11"x14" inches in size, with satin stitched edges.

Upper right is an ivory bordered sunprint of an Oak leaf in shades of orange with a touch of purple. Veins added with wax pastel, and quilted with clear thread. My vine quilting finishes the border. 5×7" in size.

The final piece in the lower left corner is sunprinted with a grouping of oak leaves and Chrysanthemum flower on a bright fall rainbow of color. Quilted like the others in this grouping. Size- 8"x10".

This photo shows a grouping of hangings featuring sunprints in 2 different sizes.  The top 2 and lower left are appx. 11"x21" in size, and the narrower ones are appx. 8 1/2"x21" in size. Clear thread is used to quilt the details in the sunprints, as well as the vine quilting in the borders and the ivory inner borders in the larger ones. Top left- a sunprint of 2 fern leaves, cut apart with fused crazy patch between the sections. The  sunprints are on a medium to deep rainbow of fall colors, while the outer border is in softer hues. Top right- sunprints of different varieties of Oak leaves on soft shades of mauve-pink and green, bordered with a dusty rose pink.
Bottom left- Maple sunprints on orange shades with touches of purple, bordered with a hand dyed mottled brown and gold fabric. Bottom middle, uses sunprints of various foliages and flowers with cutouts of hummingbirds on purple to rose fabric with a bit of shimmer. The border is a salted deep purple. (I had to add a compliment of the orange 🙂 Bottom right uses the same fabrics as bottom left, but with different leaves for the prints.


The grouping in this photo shows colors in pink, rose and lavender, with touches of soft green to yellow. The large upper left piece is 11"x14" in size. The center sunprint of lacy leaves, assorted flowers, a butterfly and a dragonfly, is bordered with fused crazy patch. Two pieces of fabric cut from the top and bottom of the sunprint panel add a bit more interest. The colored pieces are accented by black and gold yarn couched on their edges. The outer edges are also bound with the black yarn.
The 2 pieces, top right, are more of my simple sunprints bordered in ivory with quilting accenting the sunprints and vines around the borders. The bottom 3 have sunprints accented with crazy patch, couched black yarn, and heat set pearls in the flower centers. All 5 small pieces are 5"x7" in size. The 3 on the right are all mostly rose pink combined with yellow, to result in the soft peachy-rose tones. The left 2 are from the same fabric as the large piece, with rose, purple, green and yellow all in muted tones.

This photo was taken earlier with the quilts on my ironing board. It is not the greatest background, but the photos show my quilting better than most of the other photos in this post. These two are 8"x10" in size, and the sunprints are from the same piece as the large piece in the above photo. They are both lacy foliages and flowers over soft lavender, rose, peach, yellow, and a touch of green. This photo shows the vine quilting in the borders of the pieces. The edges are finished with satin stitch, so they are not too bulky for framing. These would look great in dark frames.

While I am showing the softer colors, here are some small hangings that I sell at shows. The flowers and words are printed onto fabric, then the center hearts are appliqued onto the painted fabric background hearts. These are great to display on a door, or in an area that needs "just a little something". Jute twine is used for the hanging loops.

Here is an example of a customer giving me an idea for a new item. I was demonstrating how I was using wild grape leaves with small mylar circle confetti arranged to look like bunches of grapes. Someone said that making wine bottle bags with my sunprinted grape fabric might be a good idea. Well, here is what I came up with. I have done many with the grape sunprints, as well as other leaves or items for the prints. The fabric for these bags is cut to size for the bags before sunprinting, with the prints done so they are on the front of the finished bag. Metal cutouts were used for the trees and fish on the left bag. I did this because I have sisters who decorate with rustic looking things with moose, bear, fish and other things. I am trying to figure out how to do moose- I have not found metal, or foamies in the right shape, so will have to come up with my own. I really do prefer leaves and flowers, but……
These gift bags can be used for more than wine. Sparkling juice, fancy olive oils, or even bubble bath can be presented in one of these special bags. The tops are made so that they can form a decorative ruffle at the top. The ties are organdy ribbon with beads tied to them. I have uploaded a couple other bags to my Etsy Store, one in orange, and one purple-rose.

Pins, Pins and more pins. I have been busy beading pins. Even when I am having a really bad day, I can usually bead a pin or two. I even was able to bead a lot of these little gems while we were traveling to and from Zack's graduation. (It is really hard to bead while on most PA roads- like trying to work while on a roller coaster.) Here is a board full of fall colored pins in all shapes.
Some of these have already sold, so if interested, let me know which one you may like and I'll let you know if it is available.
the bottom of the display shows a few of my new Barrettes for hair. They are mounted to 3" barrette backs.

Pins and Barrettes are the same price- $20.00 each plus $3 shipping.

Many of these will look super any time of year.

Here is a close-up of the top 2 rows of pins. There are a few of these listed at my Etsy Store. Click on the link to see which ones are there.

These 2 pieces do not have any sunprints in them. The left piece is a crazy patch around a photo of yellow mini roses that I printed onto cotton fabric. The seam lines are accented, using decorative machine stitches. The ivory border is quilted with my usual vine. 8"x10" in size.
The right piece, "Sunflowers on the Windowsill 2" Is one of my windows, 11×14" in size. The "scene" through the window is painted on cotton fabric, the window frame is then appliqued over it and quilted. The arrangement of sunflowers is then added. The flowers and vase are cut from Wonder Under backed fabrics. The flowers were printed on a commercial fabric. I cut each one out, trimming up some to look like they would as seen from the side. Once I have the arrangement the way I like it, I iron to fuse it down, then quilt the edges with clear thread.

Finally, Here is a photo of some pieces that are not done in the traditional fall colors. I don't think that all the leaves that remind us of fall need to be done with the colors of fall. These are done in my favorite colors to play with- "my shades" of blue, purplish pink, and green as the main colors. I have done various "rainbows" of colors for these sunprints.

Upper left is a grouping of Oak Leaves, Lower right is a fern with a butterfly over a rainbow of "my" colors with yellow through the middle. These are both 8"x10" in size. with sunprint centers quilted in clear thread, and the borders quilted with my vine.
Upper right is a simple sunprint of 2 maple leaves over "my" pink to blue to green. The lower left is an oak leaf over a fabric that was painted in "blobs" instead of a rainbow pattern. These are both 5"x7" in size. With my usual quilting.

This brings this post to an end. There is a link on the sidebar of this blog for this post, so it can be found easier if you are looking for gift ideas in the future.
Be sure to pass along the address for my blog to anyone who may be interested in my quilts.

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I am a former textile artist and new pattern designer with a degree in horticulture, wishing to share my love of nature, flowers and gardens with everyone through my photos, sunprinted fabrics, and now pattern designs. Chronic Lyme Disease has caused major changes to the direction my life. I have to limit the amount of time spent digging in my gardens, and quilting has become more difficult. I discovered pattern design as a way to get art back into my life. I now use my gardens and photos to inspire designs that can be used on fabrics and print on demand items.

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