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Lectures and Workshops Available
Group of Art Quilts from Sue Andrus, Andrus Gardens Quilts

Lectures Available:
My Journey from Tradition to Art- Lecture & Trunk Show

A one hour journey showing where I began, and how I ended up where I am now. My early quilts were entirely traditional, and made for beds. I will show early pieces ( including my first step into the quilting world), and walk you through what experiences led me to gradually change the way I work with fabric, showing an array of quilts from each period, as well as work in progress. My quilting journey began innocently enough, as most quilters do, then my love of gardening, and other influences changed my path. I allow plenty of time for questions & answers.

Coloring Fabrics, Sunprints, and How I use Them- Lecture & Trunk Show
One hour of showing how I have experimented with coloring fabric, beginning with my first dabblings in dyeing, through my experiences with paints and sunprinting. I became addicted to painting and printing fabric, and then I had to figure out what to do with my fabric and prints. I will show many examples of my fabrics including some of my first attempts at achieving certain colors, and the resulting "failures". A large selection of quilts and other items that I have been creating will be shown. Questions are always welcomed.

Off the Deep End!- Lecture & Trunk Show
This lecture and show will let you in on a little secret of mine..... I have gone off the deep end at times! Through this hour, I will show you how a "creative mind in overdrive" works. I will bring many examples of how I ended up trying one thing, which led to another, and another, etc. Did you know that making fabric bowls are the reason I began constructing my newest body of work the way I do? You never know what can happen when one tries an "innocent" new project, and who said there were "rules"?. You might think of sandwiches in a whole new way! As always, plenty of question and answer time will be allowed.

Workshops Available:

Basic Fabric Painting-
Andrus Gardens, Sue Andrus, Painted Fabric, Andrus Gardens
This is a full day workshop- Appx. 6 hours. If you have spent many hours in fabric shops looking for just the right shade of a color, or something original in fabric, without much satisfaction, then this workshop could be for you. In this workshop, we will explore how paints and fabric react to each other, based on how much water is mixed with the paint, or is in the fabric, and what happens as the paint dries. You will learn to mix your own colors, using 5 colors of paint (red, yellow, blue, black, and pearl white). The morning is devoted to creating your own color charts on wet and dry fabrics, to use as a reference later. The afternoon is devoted to playing with various techniques used to get different textures and patterns during the drying process, such as scrunching, folding, salting, and spraying with water. Some sunprinting will be discussed also. Materials fee includes fabric for color charts, paint used in class, and other items. Materials Fee- $20.00 *Supply List*

Advanced Fabric Texturing With Paint-
Textured Fabric Samples, Andrus Gardens, Sue Andrus
This is 6 hour workshop, a follow-up to the basic class. Learn more ways to add texture to your fabrics with paint- sunprinting, leaf printing, scrunching, spraying, and more. Find out what happens to your fabric as the paint dries. It really can be fun to watch paint dry! What you do to your painted fabric before the drying process will change the look considerably. Let's play with the possibilities! Materials fee includes paint used in class, salt, and other items. Materials Fee- $15.00

Assorted Techniques Workshop-
Sue Andrus Multi Techniques Workshop Photo, Andrus Gardens Quilts

This is a full day workshop- Appx. 6 hours. Different techniques I use in my work will be explored: Adding interest to fabric with stamping and printing with paints to transform it into something completely different. Exploring some of my unusual or uncommon construction techniques --You may think of sandwiches in a whole new way--. Raw edged fused applique, and embellishing with couched yarns and fibers to add interest as well as texture to your quilts. This workshop gives you more tools to help you get your ideas into fabric, and can easily be expanded to become a 2 day workshop- giving more time to work with each technique. Materials fee includes paints, stamps, etc. used in class, an assortment of fused quilt sandwiches, yarns and fibers to 'play' with during the workshop. Materials fee- $10.00*More Info and Assorted Workshops Supply List** Printer Friendly Version*

Fabric Bowls, My Way-
Fabric Bowls, Andrus Gardens, Sue Andrus
This is a 3 hour workshop. Bring some fun fabrics, and learn to construct 3 different sizes of bowls, from 5-8” across the top. I make my bowls using a fusible batting, instead of heavy interfacing. This makes them easier to play with. Class materials supplied will include the patterns for 3 different sizes of bowls, with variations for each, and the batting for one bowl of each size. Once you learn the basics, you can make many different styles on your own. Let your imagination go! Materials Fee- $5.00

Mini Art Quilt Pins-
Bead Embellished Art Quilt Pins, Andrus Gardens, Sue Andrus
This is a 3 hour workshop. Choose your favorites from my collection of small quilt sandwiches, or bring some of your favorite small bits and pieces. You will learn how to use small pieces to create one of a kind wearable art. These pins can also be worn as pendants, just by pinning them onto a chain. We will begin by constructing 2-3 pin bases, then jazz them up with an assortment of beads and fibers. The materials fee includes enough beads and pin backs for 3 pins. You may find these addictive, and make one for each outfit or season. Materials Fee- $10.00 **More info and Art Quilt Pins Supply List**Printer Frindly Version*

"Off the Deep End" Art quilts-
Assorted Mini Art Quilts, Andrus Gardens Quilts, Sue Andrus

A 6 hour workshop, where you will learn how to make small art quilts using scraps of fabrics, sunprints, paints, and other supplies to create your own art. I will show you my newest construction method, as well as other methods you can play with. One or more small pieces should be able to be completed. You use the method you prefer. Materials fee includes batting, and a piece of my sunprinted fabric to play with. Materials Fee- $5.00

Crazy Postcards-
Art Quilt Postcards, Andrus Gardens, Sue Andrus
A 3 hour workshop, where I will show you one way to use up some of those fabric scraps that seem to bury us. You will learn different ways to express yourself in a project that becomes a greeting card as well as a gift. Quilted postcards travel well through the mail, bringing enjoyment all along the way. Materials fee includes base material, and fusible for up to 4 postcards.Materials Fee- $5.00


Lecture and Workshop Pricing

Lectures- $350.00 without a workshop
$300.00 with a workshop

Workshops- $450.00- 6 Hour
$300.00- 3 Hour-up to 20 students, Extra students incur an extra charge- 25 students maximum.
**Materials fees extra** See workshop descriptions for fees.

Travel expenses are required in addition to the regular fees.
If driving, mileage will be charged at the rate of $.55 per mile (subject to change.) Lodging will be required for distances of more than 2 hours from my home, and meals, as appropriate. A room in a non-smoking home of a group member is fine.

Contract: *PDF Format*(Adobe Reader Required) *View as Web Page*

Materials fees are in addition to the basic workshop fee, and cover many harder to find materials that will be provided for use by students. Many items provided, are mentioned in the workshop description. All workshops will include detailed written information as appropriate.

I have found that bringing certain materials, makes for a better learning experience for students. This is less costly for those who may not wish to purchase quantities of paints, and supplies that we will only use small amounts of, especially if they do not wish to continue using these items after the workshop. Variations in some materials from student to student, can cause a loss of valuable learning time.

Supply lists will be given for items that students will need to bring.

Painting workshops require a room with a non porous floor, or drop cloths to protect hard to clean floors. Access to water is necessary. Students need to wear old clothes (It can get messy), bring items for note taking, and extra fabric for playing with.

The non painting workshops will require sewing machines (in good working order), and irons (1 per 4 students), along with basic sewing supplies. Additional fabrics, fibers, and embellishment items may also be wanted, and will be suggested in the supply list.

Kits will also be available for purchase, containing enough supplies for many projects at home, for those interested.

Mini Quilts, Note Cards, Bookmarks, and other items will be available for purchase after the paid lecture, and(or) workshop time.

Additional Contact Information-
Home Address- 1566 Water Road, Towanda, PA 18848
Phone- (570)265-7475


As I add workshops, I will update this page.

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