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My Sewing Studio

Here are some pictures of my present studio or "cubicle" as I refer to it. A 7 ½ x11 ft room added onto our mobile home. These photos were taken after I did a much needed studio cleaning. Still pretty cluttered, but the space works for now.... until I can get a better space to work in. Fabric and tubs of finished inventory also spills out into the small office next to this room as well as most every other room. The tour begins at the right side of the door. You can see how the cutting table blocks the doorway a bit. Just enough room to shimmy in.sue andrus andrusgardens studio

I have many plastic drawer units for storing fabric and supplies. Large ones are under the right counter and smaller ones are on top. My Janome 6500P sits in front of a North facing window with a view of a flower garden and a large lawn area.

This photo shows the rest of the North wall with the ironing board tot he left of my machine. A piece of 1 inch thick foam insulation covered with fabric makes a great place to pin up inspiration photos and more.

The West wall is now pretty much covered with a new 2 inch foam design wall. The 4ft x8ft piece of foam has batting pinned to it. The foam is leaning against the original 4ft x 6ft flannel covered plywood wall. You can barely see the shelves in the corner at the end of the ironing board. The whole end wall has shelves from the floor to 6 ft high, but they are hidden by the design walls. The plywood one is mounted with a piano hinge so it can be opened up for access to the shelves. Now with the foam wall, things are a bit more interesting to get to the shelves and electric panels that are also hidden behind there. Also, you can see the space available between the cutting table and my chair and ironing board.

sue andrus andrusgardens quilts studio

The best part of my studio is the great shelves my husband built me. I drew out what I wanted and gave him the dimentions, etc. and he put them together for me. They were built to hold my fabric folded and ready for rotary cutting. A few of the "cubbies" are stuffed full of scraps.

Above is my original design wall that is now hidden by the foam one. A piece of plywood on piano hinge covered with flannel. Behind the wall is the rest of the wall to wall shelves that can be seen on each end. The left shelves are now hidden from view for the most part by the new larger wall of foam..

Here is a photo taken from the design wall end of the room. The window on the East wall (shown) looks out onto our back yard and woods- aother pretty good view. In the weeks since I took this photo, I have now decided to keep my laptop on this counter just to the left of the pink drawers, and there is a new printer beside the TV. There is now a shelf over the serger that the printer sits on. Now I can really multitask.... keeping in touch with things on the web, printing fabric or other things, and sewing , all from the same chair.

sue andrus andrusgardens quilts studio and office

This is looking back out the door into my office. There is a very large desk with another plastic drawer unit on top and one under also. In the doorway there are plastic storage boxes shown that are stacked on a computer desk along the other side of the shelf wall. Just about every inch of space is filled with tubs, drawer units or boxes of various supplies or finished items awaiting sale.

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