In the Gardens Mid July

There are still flowers on the Hemerocallis (Daylily) plants, but they are now beginning to slow down.  Since my last post, I made some interesting discoveries. The first was a nicely double flower on the variety Double Cutie.

Double Cutie Double Bloom

One of the stems of this variety opened flowers more double than the first blooms.  The one in this photo above was the most fluffy of them all… As you can see, the stamens in this bloom became petals, and they even have pollen like normal ones. One of nature’s wonders!

Another interesting discovery was with the variety Melon Balls…. One evening, I found all of the flowers were streaked with white and pale peach… I had not seen them like that before and thought it might have been caused by the sun or heat…

Hemerocallis Melon Balls Faded

The faded blooms were very interesting looking, and after a few days of stalking them, I found that it did seem to be the sun doing the fading. After a few days of finding streaked flowers in the evenings, I finally  got photos of the flowers morning, mid-day and evening… The more sun during the day, the more streaks there were by evening… What a great find! Flowers that changed as the day progressed!

Hemerocallis variegata

Also, as I mentioned in the last post, there was another double flower that hadn’t bloomed yet… It finally did, and here is one of the flowers. The original plant had variegated foliage, but most of my clumps have reverted back to green leaves. I will have to make an effort to dig out some of the remaining variegated parts to keep propagating those. The green foliage is much stronger growing, so it can take over if you let it keep growing. My clumps have been ignored a lot over the past few years.

OK, now that I have pretty much covered all of the Daylilies, there are a lot more flowers in my gardens. Other flowers that have been blooming this mid July.

Front Door Planter Right

In past years, my planters near the front door have been filled with flowers that I usually purchased early to have color out front as soon as possible. This year, I couldn’t afford to get anything new for the planters and I have had to wait for color this year. I had some extra plants left from planting this year’s Memorial Day planters, some white Petunias, Alyssum, and blue Lobelia. I had also been able to get some wave Petunias late June to add a few touches of annual color to my gardens. It is amazing what can happen when you don’t do anything more than take weeds out of planters with the soil left in them from the previous year.

Front Door Planter Left

This is the planter on the other side of the steps. The only new purchased plants in these pots are the White Petunias, Alyssum, and one Purple Wave petunia in the Left planter.  The Violas, Nicotiana, and tall purple Petunias in the Left planter are seedlings that came up from last year’s plants. The same plants and the striped Petunias in the Right planter are seedlings. I even was able to take out  some extra Petunia and Nicotiana seedlings to use in the gardens.  I LOVE “free” flowers! I had to be patient to see much color in the post, but they are now beginning to overflow!

White Asiatic Lily

Back to perennials in the gardens, here is a pretty rare sight… at least this year for me.  The mice and moles, or voles or whatever critters they were ate the bulk of  my Asiatic and Oriental lilies. These white ones are in the Maple Tree garden near the pond that is covered with black raspberry bushes.

Pink Lilies

This stem of pink Asiatic Lilies is one that lived through the critter snacking in the Back Yard Mound garden. This garden used to have gobs of Lily flowers mid July, but between the critters eating the bulbs, the water washing gravel on top of the bulbs, and snacking deer, I had one stem of pink and one stem of yellow blooms. The center of the Mound Garden used to be full of yellow Asiatics that would grow to about arm-pit height. I dug up some of the bulbs this year and moved them around.

Hostas in Washout Zone

This is the end of the Mound Garden where the Hostas have nearly been washed away or buried in gravel. It still amazes me how beautifully they bloom every year. The shade trees in the back yard are Black Walnuts and there are lots of plant that will not grow near them, but the Hosta and other plants I have here and along the stone wall have been doing great.

Mound Garden 7-8-11

This photo above shows the Mound Garden from the lawn at the top of the mound. Toward the right you can see the pitiful yellow Lily plants. The Echinaceas were just beginning to bloom when this was taken, and a couple Hemerocallis Ice Carnival plants were blooming between the Hosta and Echinaceas.Yyou can see the pale lilac Wave Petunias just beginning to grow a bit… I bought them late in the season and they were pretty long and scraggly, so I needed to trim them some so they will branch out and bloom better. I just have to have more patience waiting for the plants to fill out and bloom more. There is a Salvia Black and Blue with blue flowers with pale green leaves… My plants sat on a table out front of the trailer until I could get them into the ground and didn’t get fertilized like then should have been…. Yea, I was a professional greenhouse grower and don’t always do things right.

Back Yard Gardens from Wall

Here is another photo of the Back Yard gardens taken from the end of the stone wall closest to the Walnut trees, looking toward the new dog yard. Vladdi our son’s black Lab is standing at one of the gates hoping to be let free. He has helped my gardens a bit so far by getting a woodchuck who was teasing him from the other side of the fence. I let Vladdi out and the woodchuck was no more. The Hostas along the stone wall are doing nicely. The Mound Garden is to the right in the sun and hard to see. The wider part of the Stone Wall garden is just past the stone steps right about in the middle of the photo. On hot summer days, the shade of the Walnuts is wonderful.

Lady Fern

Here is one of my Lady Ferns tucked between one of my Krossa Regan Hostas and the stone wall. Last year the fern was pretty scrawny, but this year with all the early rain we had, it has done great.

Deck Planter with Back Yard in Background

Here is one of my deck planters with the Back Yard gardens showing in the background. The deck planters didn’t get many new plants this year either. The Nemesia in this planter was a gift, and the Petunias, Nicotiana, and Violet plants are seedlings from last years flowers. Some more “freebies”. I had so many baby plants coming up, I had to take a bunch out and put them into pots to be used in the gardens. The Petunias I had here last were plum colored with deep plum veins. This year I have shades of plum, pink and lavender Petunias.

Phlox Flame White with Eye

Here is the only new perennial plant I purchased this year. Phlox have done really well in all of my gardens, so I have been adding new colors and dividing my favorites to fill various spaces. The Flame varieties are shorter growing varieties than the older varieties. As with most perennials I buy, I just HAD to divide this one into two pieces and it is now a part of the Mound Garden.

Vinca Annual

Along with the lavender Petunias, I have also planted Impatiens in the shady areas, White Petunias along the front edge, and behind them are these Vinca flowers. I found these in a greenhouse I stopped at on the way home from giving a lecture to a quilt guild in Reading PA. I tend to “shop” my way home if I have a few dollars to spare. I also found these in a beautiful shade of pink. I only have 12 of the Vinca, but they should fill out quite nicely in the next few weeks.

Hosta Lemon Lime in Bloom

The last photo from the back yard for this post is this Hosta Lemon Lime tucked nearly under the Brunnera Looking Glass.

Hydrangea Anabelle

Back to the front yard, the Hydrangea Annabelle is blooming beautifully. These flowers last a long time, and look great with the Crimson King Maple as a backdrop. There aren’t too many small delicate plants in the Maple Tree garden… It is the largest garden and a great home for some pretty big and aggressive plants and shrubs.

Carpet Rose

Not too far from the Hydrangea is one of the few Rose bushes I have. This is a Carpet Rose that is a low growing variety that blooms on and off all summer.

One Tomato Left

Not all plants in the gardens ind up looking good. Even though I sprayed the Tomato plants with deer repellent, they still got munched on. I bought 3 nice sized plants that had Tomatoes started and this is the only fruit left. Since this photo was taken, they are all growing much better and look like they will do well if I can keep the critters away from them.

Poor Harry

Here is another victim of critters. This poor Red Leaved Harry Lauder’s Walking Stick was beginning to put out some new shoots after being chomped by deer over the winter, and the new shoots were eaten… There are still some shoots trying . I have put more repellent around this and hope it can get growing again.  It has reddish leaves on twisted branches.

Monarda Summer Wine

Here is a closeup of a Monarda (or Bee Balm) flower. This variety called Summer Wine is a really pretty bright fuchsia wine color. This is near Harry, on the end of the Maple Tree Garden with the arborvitae. I used to keep this area for annual flowers, and am slowly adding perennials here. I have planted more Wave Petunias in this garden and the Purple Wave’s that are planted near the Monarda are nearly the same color. So far not much color yet from the Petunias, but in a few weeks if the weather cooperates, I should be able to see them from my kitchen window.

Evening Sky

Again a post is getting pretty long…. Here is a photo of the sky one evening, looking through the Maple Tree garden. The left round tree is the Crimson King Maple. The Monarda and Harry are to the left not shown in this photo. You can just make out the Hydrangea flowers along the lower center of the photo. The Maple trees, Balsam Fir (center) and Junipers are getting pretty big. It’s amazing to think that less than 20 yrs ago these all were pretty small trees from a nursery I worked at back then.

The great thing about the gardens is that there is always something new popping up or beginning to bloom. There will be more posts from the gardens…. the Echinaceas and Phlox are beginning to really come into bloom now.


I am a former textile artist and new pattern designer with a degree in horticulture, wishing to share my love of nature, flowers and gardens with everyone through my photos, sunprinted fabrics, and now pattern designs. Chronic Lyme Disease has caused major changes to the direction my life. I have to limit the amount of time spent digging in my gardens, and quilting has become more difficult. I discovered pattern design as a way to get art back into my life. I now use my gardens and photos to inspire designs that can be used on fabrics and print on demand items.

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